Here at Bearsden Dental Care we offer a variety of treatments to restore teeth. Our dentists will discuss the most suitable options available following assessment. For optimal cosmetic results when restoring teeth our dental technician can attend the practice for a consultation with the patient.

White resin fillings and inlays
Modern white fillings can now be placed instead of the more traditional ‘silver’ amalgam types, giving a more aesthetic appearance. These materials are comparable in terms of strength to the older amalgam types and can be requested by patients. However, for very large fillings a white resin or porcelain inlay should be considered and this can be discussed with your dentist.

Crowns are placed over weakened or damaged teeth to restore strength and function. These are fixed in place and therefore cannot be removed once cemented. Some crowns may require the use of a post for extra strength if the tooth is particularly weakened.

There are various types that can be used dependent on what tooth is involved. Modern cosmetic treatment involves the use of all-ceramic crowns that do not contain metal to give superior aesthetics.

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain or resin, not unlike ‘false nails’ that are cemented onto the front aspect of teeth to give a more aesthetic appearance.

They are useful if you have discoloration or heavily filled front teeth with a poor appearance. Modern cosmetic veneers use exceptionally thin layers of high grade porcelain or resin that can incorporate translucent edges for a natural effect.

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