Bearsden Dental Care can offer patients more than just treatment to the teeth. Our team has undertaken additional training to enable us to provide a variety of additional services for our patients.

IV and inhalational sedation 
Sedation is ideal for patients who may be anxious about attending the dentist. Modern sedation techniques have replaced general anesthesia that was previously offered at dental practices in the UK.

These techniques are not designed to put patients ‘asleep’ but to allow them to relax enough to have more difficult or lengthy procedures carried out. Once sedated, most patients have no concept of time, enter a state of relaxation where they are ‘not bothered’ about the procedure anymore, and have little or no memory of their treatment afterwards.

Sedation has the advantage in that it is not only safer than general anesthesia but that patients are still able to co-operate allowing a wide range treatments to be carried out.

Patients with a fear of injections in their mouth are not numbed until the sedation has fully taken effect. If you have a more general fear of needles, for IV sedation you will be offered an anesthetic cream to be applied to your hand or arm to help with the placement of the thin needle that needs to be passed into a vein. Sedation is also useful for patients who have a strong gag or coughing reflex and inhalational sedation is well suited to younger patients.

Recovery from IV sedation is not complete until the next day so patients need to follow strict after care guidelines that will be discussed in detail by the dentist prior to any session being arranged.

Facial rejuvenation injections
Facial rejuvenation injections or anti wrinkle treatments use botullinum toxin to cause relaxation and softening of lines at specific sites on the face. A typical treatment involves 1 to 3 sites and can last for around 9 months.

Dermal and lip fillers
Dermal fillers are injected beneath the skin to smooth the appearance of wrinkles whereas lip fillers are injected to provide a fuller appearance to the lips. Results typically last for around 9 months.

Both of these treatments prevent and reduces the signs of ageing and are administered by a qualified dentist, not a nurse or beautician.

Anti snoring appliances
These appliances are fitted, neat gum-guard type appliances that are worn at night to open a patient’s airway. They can reduce if not completely resolve snoring in suitable cases.

Sports & night guards
Sports guards are comfortable and flexible appliances designed to protect the teeth, lips, cheeks, tongue and jaws. We cannot emphasize their importance enough and strongly encouraged them for any contact sports to reduce the risk of injury. A selection of colours are available.

Night guards are specially designed mouth guards that protect the teeth, cheeks and tongue from grinding or clenching of the jaw during sleep or periods of stress. They are also used for the treatment of jaw pain and joint conditions.

Dental Hypnosis can be used to reduce Bruxism (the clenching or grinding of the teeth often associated with stress). It can also be useful to help patients with dental anxiety and those with an exaggerated gag reflex.  Our visiting hypnotherapist is able to provide hypnotherapy for our patients on site, this includes teaching patients how to practice self-hyponosis as well as providing patients with a recording that can be used at home.

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